Your Digital Guide Website

Your Digital Guide Website

Who for: Tony Dickson

This website was created as a central hub for the technical videos to make the use of the Science Laboraties safer and easier to use. This was developed as part of a wider project for videos hosted on small screens before people entered the labs. 

The site was developed using WordPress.

View project here: Your Digital Guide

Pharmacy Website

Pharmacy Website

Who for: Pharmacy – Jennie Watson

We were approached to create a revision tool for the School of Pharmacy, this was a product to be used by the graduates to cover the GPhC registration assessment framework. 

As the graduates would be using this tool in the workplace or on the go we developed a website further into a app for downloading onto phones.

The site is restricted to a set amount of students provided by the school, registration was not open.

The tool was developed in WordPress using the LearnDash LMS plugin. The app was further developed from the desktop site into a stand alone app.

View project here: Pharmacy Website

Digipath – digital analytical tool

Digipath – Digital Analytical Tool

Who for: UCLan TELT

The DigiPath tool is designed for academic teaching staff to help reflect on digital capabilities, identify strengths and discover potential areas to develop. Use it individually or to help map digital expertise and experience across teams.  DigiPath can be used as a standalone tool, and also forms part of our wider DigiLearn framework.

The tool was developed in WordPress using the LearnDash LMS plugin.

View project here: Digipath Website

Diffusion Website

Diffusion Website

Who for: Dr Helen Day

This project was a re-launch of the student run UCLan Journal of Undergraduate Research for the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. The website was developed in WordPress.

View project here: Diffusion Website

Testimonial: “Can I say what a pleasure it has been working with you (or rather you doing all the work!). The Diffusion website is perfect and a real benefit to our undergraduates, as well as being an extremely useful way to showcase Humanities and Social Sciences at UCLan to prospective students and their parents/guardians. 

I am so impressed with the thoroughness of your work – it must have taken you weeks to input all the archives. The design is simple and elegant and exactly fit for purpose. Communication has been great and I appreciate the regular face to face meetings to make sure you have understood what I wanted. I despaired of finding anyone to help me with this project and was told it would cost me thousands. So I was so relieved and happy when I found you, and learned that this was part of the uclan service. That said, I think you have gone above and beyond with the amount of work this has taken. The whole process has been wonderful and I’ll so exicted to show all the students and staff what we have acheived. Thank you.”