Working in Partnership

Who for: Alison Eddleston
Senior Lecturer

Online modules created in Articulate Storyline, exported with SCORM and uploaded to the Adobe Connect platform.

WIP – Airway

WIP – Breathing

WIP – Circulation

WIP – Continuous Infusion

WIP – Disability

WIP – Environment

WIP – Prone Positioning

WIP – Ventilation

One File Animation

One File Animation

Who for: Francesca Walker-Martin

The animation was requested to help explain how One File works in regards to the awarding and recognition of practice in the Apprenticeship Degrees.

Francesca had developed the idea of the online One File as a box because students struggled with the concept.

All graphics were drawn in Adobe Illustrator.

Animation was created in Adobe After Effects.

Science of Star Wars Animation and Graphics

Science of Star Wars Animation and Graphics

Who for: Nicky Danino

Nicky aproached me to help her develop graphics and a video for the Lancashire Science Fest where she ran a very popular session called ‘The Science of Star Wars’.

The idea was to create a series of graphics that were used across all of the presentations and documents. I developed animated opening titles for the session that were played when the audience was entering the lecture theatre. 

These graphics and animations are the basis for more work that will be done in developing the lecture for use outside of the university and even abroad at partner institutions.

Graphics drawn in Adobe Illustrator.

Animation created in Adobe After Effects.

Click on each picture for a larger view

Your Digital Guide Website

Your Digital Guide Website

Who for: Tony Dickson

This website was created as a central hub for the technical videos to make the use of the Science Laboraties safer and easier to use. This was developed as part of a wider project for videos hosted on small screens before people entered the labs. 

The site was developed using WordPress.

View project here: Your Digital Guide

Pharmacy Website

Pharmacy Website

Who for: Pharmacy – Jennie Watson

We were approached to create a revision tool for the School of Pharmacy, this was a product to be used by the graduates to cover the GPhC registration assessment framework. 

As the graduates would be using this tool in the workplace or on the go we developed a website further into a app for downloading onto phones.

The site is restricted to a set amount of students provided by the school, registration was not open.

The tool was developed in WordPress using the LearnDash LMS plugin. The app was further developed from the desktop site into a stand alone app.

View project here: Pharmacy Website

HR Escape Room Graphics

HRM Escape Room Graphics

Who for: Dr Emma Thirkell

Emma approached us through her school lead who put us in touch. The escape game was already complete and had been used successfully but Emma had asked if we could create a custom set of graphics for use in the escape room to add consistency to the experience. When I developed HR Woman it made sense to create a short animated gif showing her flying

I provided Emma with a series of graphics along with a guide and color palette so she could use the graphics correctly and further develop the resource.

All graphics drawn in Adobe Illustrator.

Animated Gifs created in Adobe Animator (previously Adobe Flash).

View project here: Escape Room Image Overview


I approached Laura in June 2019 to create some graphics for a digital “Escape Room” for my students. After an initial meeting with Laura, outlining roughly what I was looking for, Laura got to work on creating me a set of images and graphics. Laura communicated with me regularly to check in, and ask if I was happy with her ideas. This was great, as it allowed me to see her creations as she was developing them. At the start of September Laura packaged up the images that she had created and sent them to me. They absolutely surpassed my expectations. The work showcased Laura’s talent and creative eye, especially having been given little direction off me. Having given her very little indication of what I wanted, Laura looked at my existing Escape Room and created a set of professional images and gifs around it using her own initiative. Helpfully, Laura also provided a guidebook that showed me exactly how it all went together in the Escape Room. This was fantastic, as it saved me time working out what she was thinking when she created the graphics.

I would absolutely, without hesitation, recommend working with Laura. She is not only extremely talented but friendly, helpful and approachable. I know my students will appreciate the work that she has created, and I genuinely look forward to working with her again in the future.


Resilience Toolkit

Resilience tOOLKIT

Who for: Dr Emma Gillaspy

This was developed to contain a full module of Introduction to Resilience as prep for the Nursing students to use before placement.

The full module of work involved creating videos, graphics and animations for use to sit with the interactive workbook created in Articulate Rise. There are sections within this document that allow for written answers and these were created in Articulate Storyline.

The graphics were developed in Adobe Illustrator.

The animation was created in Adobe After Effects.

The video was edited using Adobe Premiere Pro.

View project here: Introduction to Resilience