HRM Escape Room Graphics

Who for: Dr Emma Thirkell

Emma approached us through her school lead who put us in touch. The escape game was already complete and had been used successfully but Emma had asked if we could create a custom set of graphics for use in the escape room to add consistency to the experience. When I developed HR Woman it made sense to create a short animated gif showing her flying

I provided Emma with a series of graphics along with a guide and color palette so she could use the graphics correctly and further develop the resource.

All graphics drawn in Adobe Illustrator.

Animated Gifs created in Adobe Animator (previously Adobe Flash).

View project here: Escape Room Image Overview


I approached Laura in June 2019 to create some graphics for a digital “Escape Room” for my students. After an initial meeting with Laura, outlining roughly what I was looking for, Laura got to work on creating me a set of images and graphics. Laura communicated with me regularly to check in, and ask if I was happy with her ideas. This was great, as it allowed me to see her creations as she was developing them. At the start of September Laura packaged up the images that she had created and sent them to me. They absolutely surpassed my expectations. The work showcased Laura’s talent and creative eye, especially having been given little direction off me. Having given her very little indication of what I wanted, Laura looked at my existing Escape Room and created a set of professional images and gifs around it using her own initiative. Helpfully, Laura also provided a guidebook that showed me exactly how it all went together in the Escape Room. This was fantastic, as it saved me time working out what she was thinking when she created the graphics.

I would absolutely, without hesitation, recommend working with Laura. She is not only extremely talented but friendly, helpful and approachable. I know my students will appreciate the work that she has created, and I genuinely look forward to working with her again in the future.